28' Pup Trailer Preview

Same Rugged Design for Pup Trailers

SmartTruck has adapted our 53' van trailer UnderTray system to provide similar fuel performance and usability for fleets that operate pup trailers. The pup UnderTray systems will have the same ruggedness and durability with very quick installations that SmartTruck customers have come to expect.

SmartTruck's new UnderTray Systems for pup trailers are made in the USA of durable polyethylene plastic a 100 percent recyclable material used in many truck and marine applications. Different systems are available for both straight frame and drop frame pup trailers.

Operators can expect savings delivered by the UnderTray systems to be:

Straight-Frame Pup Trailers

  • Aero Rain Guard and Side Fairings 2 to 3%
  • ARG, Side Fairings and Nose System 5 to 6%
  • ARG, Side Fairings, Nose System and Forward UnderTray 8 to 9%
Drop-Frame Pup Trailers
  • ARG and Side Fairings 2 to 3%
  • ARG, Side Fairings and Nose System 4 to 5%

For more information please contact SmartTruck at 888-320-5970 or at contact@SmartTruckSystems.com.

Pup Trailer UnderTray Systems

Pup Trailer UnderTray System Pup Trailer UnderTray System - Closeup Pup Trailer UnderTray System - 9% improved highway MPG