SmartTruck Partners

SmartTruck wishes to recognize and thank all of our partners for their commitment to innovation, improving fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our partners have provided instrumental equipment, services, ideas, creativity, and invaluable industry perspective. Together, we’ve worked towards one goal - optimizing the performance of the UnderTray System.

PepsiCo and Frito-Lay

PepsiCo, headquartered in Purchase, New York and Frito-Lay, headquartered in Plano, Texas are committed leaders in achieving greater freight efficiency and corporate sustainability. Frito-Lay has provided SmartTruck with tractors and trailers on which to evaluate our innovative designs. These vehicles were used to create the first working SmartTruck prototypes and were also used to conduct aerodynamic and fuel mileage testing. PepsiCo and Frito-Lay have been instrumental in providing SmartTruck engineers and designers with critical design input and fleet insight.

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Con-way Truckload

Con-way Truckload, located in Joplin, Missouri is a proven leader in the freight industry with a great history of integrating sustainable practices into their fleet operations well ahead of the curve. Con-way provides SmartTruck with engineering and design ideas as well as important details about how to integrate our designs into specific tractor and trailer configurations.

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Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona is the premier provider of best in class transportation solutions in North America. Swift Transportation is a proven leader in the freight industry and a proven leader in improving trucking sustainability. Swift provides valuable testing insight as well as technical advice on SmartTruck designs and initial product concepts.

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Road Systems, Inc.

Road Systems, located in Searcy, Arkansas is a premier manufacturer of both new and refurbished trailers for both truckload and less-than-truckload customers. Road Systems is a key development partner of SmartTruck and has helped our engineering team transition our prototype designs to full production-quality components capable of withstanding the rigorous conditions that trailer components need to handle.

RSI Trailers

Michelin Americas Truck Tires

Michelin Americas Truck Tires located in Greenville, South Carolina is an industry leader in advanced tire technology and design as well as corporate sustainability. Michelin and SmartTruck engineers are working to integrate aerodynamic improvements with a variety of tire designs and dimensions. Additionally, Michelin provides SmartTruck access to their Laurens Proving Grounds, a state of the art vehicle test facility where SmartTruck engineers are able to perform a variety of aerodynamic and vehicle systems assessment tests.

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Hyundai Translead

Hyundai Translead, based in San Diego, CA, is a leading manufacturer of dry and refrigerated van trailers as well as converter dollies for the transportation industry. In 2008, Hyundai Translead was accepted into the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership Program as a certified manufacturer of EPA SmartWay Certified dry van trailers. Hyundai Translead prides itself in building trailers to meet its customers desire to reduce their carbon footprint and save fuel.

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BMI Corporation

BMI Corporation, located in Greenville, South Carolina is an aerospace and mechanical engineering company specializing in advanced aerodynamic analysis and design solutions for all types of vehicles and products. The engineers at BMI work closely with SmartTruck to design and fabricate our prototype designs.

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KTM Solutions, Inc.

KTM Solutions, located in Greenville, South Carolina specializes in mechanical and structural engineering in the aerospace and automotive industries. KTM engineers work closely with SmartTruck engineers and designers to fabricate initial products.

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is one of the Department of Energy’s world class facilities for cutting edge research. ORNL awarded SmartTruck a grant to use their Jaguar XT4 Cray supercomputer system to process our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solutions. Using ORNL’s computer system, one of the fastest computing systems in the world, allowed SmartTruck to process our CFD solutions nearly 10 times faster than with our previous computing systems.

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Tecplot, located in Bellevue, WA, is the leader in post-processing computational fluid dynamics software. Tecplot has provided SmartTruck with the software needed to analyze the advanced shapes that are run through CFD. With out this resource SmartTruck would not have been able to design the advanced pieces it has done.

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Both NASA Kennedy Space Center and NASA Langley have contributed greatly to SmartTruck through facility use as well as technical support. NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center, located at Kennedy Space Center, Florida is a location where many Space Shuttle missions have launched and landed, and therefore, Kennedy Space Center houses one of the longest, flattest, and most level runways in the world. Kennedy Space Center allows SmartTruck to use this runway to conduct aerodynamic and rolling resistance testing on our truck designs. NASA Langley, located in Hampton, Virginia, is a research center that possesses world class exptertise in many fields from computer science to supersonic wind tunnel testing. NASA Langley has provided the Fully Unstructured Navier-Stokes (FUN3D) code with which SmartTruck engineers run CFD.


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