SmartTruck Products Overview

A new direction in class 8 vehicle aerodynamics

Of all vehicles on our highways, class 8 long haul trucks would benefit most from low drag designs. As a result, these trucks should have the lowest drag of all vehicles on the road – Right? Not today. Instead these vehicles have among the highest drag of all vehicles.

Well not for long. SmartTruck’s release of our first phase of aerodynamic upgrades for class 8 tractors and trailers is just the first step to make the class 8 long haul truck the best aerodynamic performer on the road.

SmartTruck Phase I products are available with new equipment or as a retrofit to your existing equipment.

SmartTruck phase I products:

Trailer UnderTray System

Summary of Existing Drag Coefficients

Type of Vehicle Drag Coefficient
Today’s Best Class 8
Tractor Trailer
0.58 - 0.62
Pick Up Trucks 0.4 – 0.5
Sport Utility Vehicles 0.4 – 0.5
Phase I Target
Typcial Car 0.3 - 0.35
Phase II Target
Low Drag Car 0.26
Phase III Target

Today’s long haul trucks are about 45% less aerodynamic than typical cars.